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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Orange isn’t the new black in the kitchen remodel trends of 2019. Each year brings a rush of trends to home decor, starting with the kitchen. A kitchen is the hub of the home, considered crucial to family life and entertaining – so why not make it the best room in the home? Kitchen remodels are increasingly common as people want to capture the latest trends and looks from top designers, and there are a range of ways you can upgrade your cooking space on any budget. With these top trends of 2019, your kitchen will have your neighbors begging for the name of your remodeling company.


Color is the essence of life, and 2019 proves that. Gone are all-white, minimalistic kitchens and in are colorful expanses ushering you in. Greens have seized the pages of design magazines, ranging from light mints to moody forest hues. Cool tones prevail in modern kitchens, and everything from navy cabinetry to brushed silver fixtures introduce calm and soothing vibes to any space. Full-color cabinetry is popular, as well as two-toned looks which mix and match a neutral with a sharp color. A great way to save money and implement this style is by only renovating one section of your cabinets (for example, the lower set to be a beautiful bright cornflower blue and the uppers remaining white or wood). By swapping out old fixtures for newer, modern silver you can completely alter the feel of the space without blowing your budget.


Another top trend of course, features the main problem of most modern kitchens: storage. Hidden storage has been around for years, and IKEA’s availability in Las Vegas makes it easy for any home to introduce hiding places for rarely-used dishware. Your kitchen remodel company can help you integrate hidden storage into corners, cabinets, and even under the kitchen island. For an airy look, opting to remove some of the existing storage and put in stunning open shelving for your attractive dishware to sit on display is an easy remodel. By combining the use of hidden storage down below and open shelving up top, you can utilize the wall space in a functional but aesthetically pleasing way. Bonus points: with open shelving, you can include even more backsplash, tile, or texture patterns on your wall.


Going through a kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be entirely about design; remodels can be about function as well. While hidden storage and gorgeous new cabinets are nice to have, sometimes what you really need is improved appliances. 2019 brings new tech advances, from your smartphone to your refrigerator. Ranges which feature state-of-the-art hoodless ventilation have been sweeping the market, and ‘smart’ fridges keep inventory of your food supplies to make sure you’re not taking unnecessary shopping trips. For a seamless look, integrated appliances can be designed to look similar to your cabinets, blending together for a beautiful modern appearance. For any of these trends, or to discuss your ideal kitchen, contact Las Vegas Remodel today by calling 702-602-9197.

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